Delicious Dive 9

This post comes from a bi weekly journaling prompt that is called “A Deep Dive into deliciousness” by Kathy Stowell.

A poem about simple pleasures, rhyming was optional, but it always brings a smile to my face when I hear those couplets:

I love to lie with my toes in the sun,

and kiss my sweeties when the morning has just begun,

I love to take a walk alone in the early light,

and have a hot shower every night.

I like to eat my lunch peacefully at the table,

I love to read a book in bed when I am able.

Little islands of bliss sprinkled though a busy day,

will keep this mama on her loving way.

Reflections on becoming a yummy mummy

april 2013 085

About a month or two ago I did a short ten day e-course from Bliss Beyond Nap Time transforming mummies from “crummy to yummy”. I have to say that the course was totally inspiring, and I finished the short course feeling very nurtured and full of yummy mummy energy, with¬†priorities well in order of looking after myself and in turn looking after my family.

But just today I realized that I slipped from my yummy status to a little on the crummy sideūüė¶ Not to worry – balance has been restored now. After¬†enduring¬†my first ever¬†severe¬†back ache, that lasted for 3 days, I went for a chiropractic adjustment. Amisdt my tears of pain on the massage table my healer was telling me that I need to take more time for myself. The message was coming loud and clear again, echoing Kathy’s words (from Bliss Beyond Nap Time).

I left her treatment room with a bounce in my step, and ever so thankfully a smooth feeling restored in my back. My back had been giving me a not so subtle reminder that my body too, is something not to be neglected and pushed to the side, and there is a whole me to take care of. With new found feelings of strength, integrity and trusting myself I am feeling pleased with this journey to wholeness.

Simplicity: Friday Afternoons

april 2013 097Simplicity is a new series of entries, that celebrate the simple pleasures around me.

Friday Afternoons are a breath out in our family. Tables are laid, candlesticks brought out, salad is made, books are read, tents are built from tablecloths and chairs and the kids spend an afternoon unwinding, building and exploring.

The Snow in Jerusalem

Nina’s dream came true 2 weeks ago when it snowed in Jerusalem. After a really cold and beautiful night, we woke up to the¬†neighborhood¬†blanketed in fluffy snow, that was still falling. The silence and whiteness covered everything in a way I have never seen before and gave everyone a day at home! No school or work!Winter 2012- 030¬†Nina and Savta in the snow

Cooking up a storm – or a puddle

Winter 2012- 020

After consulting for the first time today with my new found nutritionist cum health coach, we discussed Candidis- candida overgrowth. So after getting a great number of lists of what to fill up on, and what to steer clear of, I made some lunch. It was a good way to bring the consultation into the realm of real time.  I made a huge stirfry with cabbage, onions, garlic (lots), green beans, sweet potato, butternut pumpkin, salt and coconut oil. This went with a pot of brown rice, an omelet  and some soup- a whole lot of food. That was my aim to fill up the fridge- well at least for the next few meals.

The soup came out much better than I anticipated. I finely sliced –¬†julienned¬†butternut pumpkin,¬†zucchini¬† 4 cloves of garlic. I sauteed this in coconut oil and then added about 4 cups of water and a few¬†handfuls¬†of cauliflower florets, some Herbamare, and some arame, that i had soaked for about 10 mins (i don’t know if that was necessary). I got the idea for the soup from Elana’s pantry, where she slices the¬†zucchini¬†super thin like noodles.

The kids ate a little of the stir fry and the omelet, their favorite seems to be plain rice. They are my toughest crowd! We ended up parking the car with a picnic and looked over a hillside towards Bethlehem it was fun to be in the car, and draw on the steamy windows.

The the afternoon ended with a visit to Saba and Savtas and the first major down pour of the season, which was well discussed, splashed in and loved.

In the Kitchen with Sass

In the Kitchen with Sass

Packing lunch away with Sahar


This is a little creative dream, of planting a seed, and hoping to watch it to unfold and grow and bloom. Here I’m creating a space to share my journey to wellness and enjoying life with my beautiful family. I hope you enjoy following.

I am embarking on a journey of listening to my body and mind. Of bringing my body to its optimal state of feeling good, after long enough of just getting by, I am committing to pursue all of those things in my life that give me love, and energy.

Yours sincerely

Tui- who is truly ready to blossom